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Which of the following best describes you?

graph 1

As you can see, a solid majority of DJ Times readers (nearly 63%) perform at mobile events. These results represent a reader who has more funds to spend on gear, especially pro-audio and lighting, and one who is concerned with the more business-oriented topics of the industry. A noticeable jump, from the 2004 survey, is the number of readers (41% to 53%) who also play club events. These readers remain interested in gear, but also in music-making topics and trendsetting news. (The number of bedroom DJs jumped as well—from 7% to 15%.) The healthy split between club and mobile readers—a plurality of 34-percent self-identify as being both—reinforces DJ Times’ editorial format breakdown, which divides its content proportionately.

Are you a full-time or part-time DJ?

graph 2

For the third consecutive survey that we’d completed this very decade, these numbers remain constant—in fact, they’re almost identical to those from the ’04 survey. Again, we’ll offer a similar breakdown. The 37-percent full-time response may not seem to be a large number, initially—however, what would be that number if you asked the same question of more traditional musicians like guitarists or keyboardists? Also, consider that in the club world (with the exception of the top-rung of touring DJs), most club DJs work other jobs. The same can be said for many mobiles. If they don’t actually own their entertainment company, they often work for one, or they maintain another source of income.

Are you a full-time or part-time DJ?

graph 3

Almost half spent over $2,000 and the other half didn’t. On the higher end, about 20% spent more than $5,000. These numbers compared favorably to the ’04 survey, which showed that only the “full-time mobile” segment spent these amounts. Simply, the average DJ is spending more money than ever on audio.

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