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Twenty-five years after his best-seller In Search of Excellence, management guru Tom Peters continues to issue forth pithy business bromides that can help you evolve your business from also-ran to the exceptional, the glittering jewel in your market. His latest book, The Little Big Things, 163 Ways to Pursue Excellence, continues in this vein, empowering business owners to be creative and, most importantly, responsive to the needs of their customers.

We follow Tom on Twitter, where every day he offers nuggets of homespun common-sense business advice, such as:

“Greenleaf/“The Servant Leader Within”: “True leadership emerges from those whose primary motivation is a deep desire to help others.”

“Personal trick. With any important email, I write as Word doc, then paste. Working on word doc causes me to be more deliberate than email.”

“Reagan: OPTIMISM IS INFECTIOUS. Msg: No matter your qualms, move forward with unbridled enthusiasm and energy.”

“Kindness. Decency. Graceful. Thoughtful. Appreciative. Caring. All are ‘people words,’ all ‘repeat biz’ words, all ‘higher profits’ words.”

So to answer the question, Can this man make you rich? We think Tom Peters might say that’s the wrong question–and our search engine optimization consultant would say, “What does any of this have to do with Justin Bieber?”

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