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“This next year dance music is really gonna rule the world,” said David Guetta today at the International Music Summit in Ibiza.

Guetta issued his dance music jeremiad on the “Big Dog DJs: F*** You We’re Famous” panel, hosted by Pete Tong, where he downplayed the impact he’s made on music in the last 18 months. “I didn’t create anything really other than that bridge that made dance music acceptable to American radio.”

While his signature robotic vocal effects, buildup-bridge, and throbbing kick drum lend instant Summer Jam consideration for Kelly Rowland’s “Commander” single, released last week, Guetta harbors no illusions about his fleeting value in the music landscape.  “I know I have like two good years as a top producer before the next new hot sound comes along. It’s going so fast that we have to re-adapt every two months.”

As for the future of music, Guetta has seen it, and its name is DJ Afrojack. “I think he is really the next one. This guy is a monster and is gonna be huge.”

Guetta also gave props to Ableton Live (“It makes me feel at home”), producing on the road (“Like Will.i.Am…he produces in a studio on a tour bus”), and struggled to locate the words to explain the job of a producer (“I don’t really know how to explain, but you cannot really make a difference between a DJ and a producer career.”)

Ultimately, however, for Guetta, it always circles back to DJing. “Being a DJ is like a salesman,” he said. “At the beginning the room is half empty, and then people have a good time and one year later there’s a line outside.”

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