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It’s true: Millennials distrust “marketing,” are turned off by obvious attempts to “trick” them into buying, and they also think that “television” you watch is charming, in a vintage wood-panel station wagon sort of way.

“Millennials make decisions by consensus,” says DJ Evan Reitmeyer, “and are far more interested in reading third-party reviews of your business than reading your testimonials. Be sure you sign up for, and promote, online reviews of your company from former customers on sites like and

Millennials are accustomed to finding any information they are searching for online.  Just try mentioning the phrase “Yellow Pages” and you’ll see what we mean. They’ll look at you as if you’ve got open sores on your mouth.

“And that means Millennials are accustomed to finding a DJ’s prices online, too,” says Reitmeyer. “There has been a long-standing debate on whether to post prices on your website—the debate is over. If there are no prices on your website, it is highly unlikely that this group will even waste its time contacting you.

“Millennials generally distrust the media, and will give more weight to a personal recommendation than an accolade bestowed upon your company by a magazine, television station, or newspaper. So if your website doesn’t provide meaningful, actionable information and just comes across as a sales pitch, they will dismiss you.”

And what do we mean by meaningful, actionable information? Easy: who are your DJs, what’s your “style,” etc.

“Most DJ companies’ website content can be boiled down to ‘we are awesome, just call us’ and that’s a big turn-off.”

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