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Ah, the elusive science to cultivating leads from seed to flower, the key to the Golden Egg.

Try a few steps like these when developing your success omelet:

Immediately after the lead comes in, send an e-mail introducing yourself. Ask for the opportunity to speak with them, and point out something of interest that refers to their event. If they’re interested in having an event near the ocean: offer a piece of advice on how you can help them select the right venue—do not mention the amount of shark attacks currently occurring in Hawaii. And don’t focus on your business, don’t quote a price, and don’t make it a selling pitch. Instead, make it an introduction, manage the desire of your lead so they’ll contact you.

Two days later, send an article of interest, such as an email that talks about planning an event along the beautiful sunny coast, advice on selecting the right banquet hall or DJ service or an article with the latest floral trends. Include a short note that says, “Would you like to hear more? Please give me a call and I’d like to talk to you about your event.”

Then, stay tuned for the next step….

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