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Last time we checked in on ABDJ Nominee Cedric Gervais, he was slamming the Euro Lounge in West Palm Beach, while we were making great friends with a bartender named Pedor. We haven’t forgotten either of them. Gervais’ take on Alcatraz’s “Give Me Luv” and George Morel’s “Let’s Take Drugs” were floor-fillers; and his original productions (“Mauri’s Dream,” “Pills” feat. Second Sun, “Burning,” and “Spirit in My Life” feat. Caroline) made it clear why this French-born and Ultra Records artist is the definition of the Miami Sound. And Pedor’s take on a Long Island Ice Tea, well….

We asked Gervais how to make an impact in the DJ world. “If you wanna get known, you gotta make records. Put time in the studio, learn the programs, listen to music and get inspired. It’s more than being a good DJ, because, with all the programs out now, anybody can DJ today. So get in the studio and find your sound. Eventually, boom! It’s going to happen.”

We then asked Cervais when he recognized that he’d found his own sound.

”To be honest, in the last two years. Doing all the remixes really helped. I was banging out one remix after the other. They were doing really well. It just hit me. Pete Tong was playing them all on Radio 1 one after the other. It was a crazy time. I was getting inspired by records, but I thought my work was sounding too much like this guy or that guy. I had to do my own thing, and now everything I do is in a different style. And now, you cannot say that I have one sound. “Mauri’s Dream,” for example, is different from [his ’07 remix for the Alcatraz classic] “Give Me Luv.” You can’t tag it all and say that it’s a typical Cedric Gervais record.

We’re still looking for Pedor.

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