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On its latest album Drink The Sea [Glass Air], the Glitch Mob set out to move away from its signature hip-hop, IDM-cum-heavy metal sound to create the sort of stoned-out rock record your parents may have listened to in the early ’70s—if Cubase had existed back then.

And how’d they do it?

“We essentially recreated the whole record in Ableton,” says Mob member Justin Boreta. “We bounced out all the tracks individually and re-created all of the sidechaining compression and everything as much as we could with the tools in Ableton. And then we would remove parts and insert them into Ableton Sampler Instruments. It’s a redundant setup, too. We have it set up so that starting on note C1, any instrument you plug in will be able to trigger the notes you need to play your part.”

Read the entire Glitch Mob interview in July DJ Times, coming soon.

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