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America’s Best DJ nominee Moby, aka Richard Hall, represents in many ways every DJ’s ultimate dream: to be able to play your music in front of adoring crowds, and to be able to record your music and hand it off to adoring A&R reps.

Moby told DJ Times about the power of the DJ.

“The DJ has become so egalitarian. It used to be that in order to be a DJ, you had to go to all the obscure record stores and buy vinyl and know how to use the Technics 1200. It was a very specific and obscure skill. Now, almost anybody can DJ. A lot of my friends who are DJs complain about that and find that to be off-putting. But personally, I love it, because the more egalitarian DJing becomes, the more people get interested in dance music. Look at James Murphy from LCD Soundsystem, he comes from an alt-rock background.”

Moby also told us his career expectations were not very high. “I never expected to have a record contract. I never expected to have a career as a musician. I thought I’d probably teach community college and make music in my bedroom that no one would ever listen to…”

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