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You’ve heard the joke about the baker, the photographer, and the bagpiper?

Neither have we, but DJ Mark Brenneisen of Total Entertainment thinks it’s no joke when these professionals have sales leads–and he devised a great way to make those leads his own.

“Why not approach the vendors you know best and say: “We’ve all got businesses, why don’t we get together and pool our money and advertise under one name?”

“We create a website.  The name has to be key: Adirondack Wedding Center, that’s key because today’s bride is on the web, and is searching for “Adirondack” on the Internet, when you search us we pop up on the first page. As a DJ, you’re going to run this organization, and the other vendors will pay you an annual fee.”

Right now, the Adirondack Wedding Center has 45 members, each of whom pay between a $200 to $1,000 annual fee. “All of our members, when they book a wedding, they send us that booking information, and we send those leads to everyone else, so you’re getting leads from an expanded network. If we don’t get leads for, say, a month from one member, we’ll call them and ask for them.

“And when we produce bridal shows and prom shows, only members can attend the shows; we’re pulling 200 brides per show, which in our area is pretty good. If the members don’t attend the shows, and they’re not required to, they still get the leads. When members attend other shows, we still get those leads as well. So far this year we’ve produced 1,300 sales leads.”

“That’s a lot of friggin leads.”

DJ Mark will be talking about this and lots of other friggin things at the International DJ Expo.

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