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There’s a new platform for dance fans to fulfill their on-demand music needs, as Beatgasm aims to offer the first electronic music streaming web player of its kind.

Beatgasm features over 100 stations, each hand-curated and tailored for each user’s music needs. Users can select from genre-specific stations as well as playlists matching specific energy levels or mirroring the sounds of various geographical cities. Users can use Station Tuning to select how far they want to stray from the sound of the song that’s currently playing, allowing for the discovery of new songs and artists.

Additionally, aspiring producers/artists are encouraged to submit their tracks for a chance to be featured on the platform. Submissions are tagged, categorized, and integrated into various stations, allowing users to run across them during their listening sessions. Additionally, tracks that receive a high amount of plays, favorites, and searches may also be featured on the Beatgasm homepage for all users to see upon login.

Go to to sign up and get started, and go to for more information.


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