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After unveiling its HRM-7 studio headphones earlier this week, Pioneer DJ has further expanded its headphone line with its announcement of the HDJ-2000MK2 at the Winter NAMM show.

The HDJ-2000MK2 represents the next generation of Pioneer’s flagship professional DJ headphones, delivering exceptional sound quality from a redesigned body that offers a sleek and modern cosmetic look. The HDJ-2000MK2 incorporates large 50mm drivers, with low-volume air chambers for noise isolation and high quality construction to achieve maximum audio performance.

The 50 mm drivers coupled with the copper-clad aluminum wire voice coils, rare-earth mangnets, and 38μm-thick diaphragms generate sounds with superior accuracy and control, with increased output in the lower bass region. The HDJ-2000MK2 is also designed with a sound isolation chamber as part of iits bass reflex port, separating low and mid frequencies in the 300 Hz to 1,600 Hz range by as much as seven decibels compared to the former HDJ-2000 model.

From a design standpoint, the HDJ-2000MK2 is available in silver and black and is constructed with large, ultra-comfortable urethane memory foam ear pads. The design creates a tight seal around the ears and significantly reduces external sounds. The headphone is flexible, with hinges made of strong yet lightweight magnesium alloy to withstand extended use. Each ear piece can swivel up to 90 degrees and can also be flipped 180 degrees for one-ear listening. Additional features include a foldable design for compact storage, 1.2m single output curled cord, 1.6m straight woven sheathed cord with mini XLR connections, low profile L-plug connector, and protective carrying case.

The HDJ-2000MK2 will be available in February. Watch Convention TV’s coverage of Pioneer DJ at NAMM below and go to for more information.


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