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Roland’s AIRA family is getting larger with the announcement of the new MX-1 Mix Performer at Anaheim, CA’s Winter NAMM Show.

The MX-1 is an 18-channel performance mixer with step-sequenced FX, transport, and tempo control that aims to bring your synths, drum machines, loops, and DAW tracks together into a single instrument. The unit features six analog inputs, four AIRA Link USB ports, digital I/O, send and return jacks, TR-style step-based effects, and the ability to stream 18 channels to and from your DAW of choice.

Each input channel on the MX-1 features a smooth level fader with six selectable volume curves, a Tone/Filter knob with ten different settings, and quick-access mutes that work with the LED-lit faders. A scene memory function allows users to instantly recall mixer states that include all settings and effects configurations, and a DJ-style cue function can be used to monitor input sources without affecting the main mix outputs. The integrated tempo-based effects let users enhance performances with dramatic, pulsing effects—including Filter, Side Chain, and Slicer—to each channel independently, and the effect tempo is synced to the clock master. Additionally, the MX-1 integrates seamlessly with both Mac and Windows computers to serve as a high-performance, 18-channel 24-bit/96 kHz USB audio interface. MIDI over USB is also supported, allowing the MX-1 to send or receive tempo information and provide control surface functionality for music production software, and audio outputs from the computer can be mixed in the MX-1 alongside external devices

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