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Two heads are better than one with ADJ’s Inno Pocket Spot Twins, a new fixture equipped with dual mini Moving Heads mounted on a single bracket.

As the newest member of ADJ’s Inno Pocket series of compact LED-powered lighting solutions, the Inno Pocket Spot Twins consists of two-independently controlled heads that give users a dual-beam effect to be taken on the road. Equipped with a pair of high-power 12-watt LED sources (with separate color and GOBO wheels for each head), the Inno Pocket Spot Twins lets users create mesmeric displays of double beam effects and GOBO projections via seven colors (plus white) and seven GOBOs (plus spot). The eye-catching patterns and vibrant colors can be further enhanced using the included GOBO scroll mode and GOBO shake effect. Additionally, a tight 15-degree beam angle allows the beams produced by the fixture to stand out as solid shafts of concentrate lighting.

The Inno Pocket Spot Twins offers a wide range of freedom, with each head equipped with 540-degree pan and 230-degree tilt. Additionally, the unit features a unique Pan/Tilt Inversion Mode, enabling users to create synchronized lightshows that see each head mirroring the other for a unique effect. Users can also activate the fixture’s random slow-to-fast strobing and energetic pulse effects as well as control the heads with 19- and 23- channel DMX mode. Sound Active and Show Modes are also included for users looking for streamlined control.

A demo video is available below. For more information, go to here.


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