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ADJ is expanding its popular Fog Fury series with the new Fog Fury Jett, a high-velocity fog machine equipped with LED lighting.

The DMX-compatible Fog Fury Jett is capable of producing powerful vertical blasts—both shooting up at the ceiling or down toward the floor—enriched with LED lighting. The dry, even blasts of fog can travel over 25 feet into the air for eye-catching displays that also generate enough fog to fill the room with rolling clouds of smoke. The Fog Fury Jett is truly unique due to its twelve 3-watt quad-color LEDs, which infuse the jets of fog with color for distinctive results.

ADJ’s latests advancements in heater technology allow for far-reaching, dense effects with minimal possibilities of clogging thanks to an oil-type transmission. Additionally, the unit’s Electro Thermo Sensing technology allows the Fog Fury Jett to maintain optimum heat levels and generate an output of 20,000 cubic-feet per minute with a minimal warm-up time of just nine minutes. The fixture allows for a more efficient fluid/fog output ratio due to the machine’s high-quality water-based fog fluid, and the Fog Fury Jett is capable of holding up to three liters of fluid with an external tank.

The Fog Fury Jett offers three operational modes: Manual, Remote Control, and DMX-Controlled. All control options can be selected using the 4-button control panel and LCD display on the machine’s rear panel, and an ADJ FFJWR wireless remote is also included with the unit. DMX users can choose between five DMX channel options: 1-, 2-, 3- 5-, and 7-channel.

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