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Since his breakthrough as Eats Everything with the 2011 release of “Entrance Song” on Catz ‘n Dogz’s Pets Records, there’s been a cornucopia of food-related puns written to chronicle Dan Pearce’s meteoric ascent into the tech-house stratosphere.

However, despite the reputation he’s garnered over the past few years for his pounding live sets, the Bristol, U.K.-based DJ/producer has never immortalized the experience as a commercial mix compilation until now. Pearce has teamed up with London’s Hypercolour record label to release Fries With That?—a two-CD aural journey taking listeners through both his present-day aesthetics and his past inspirations. In the midst of a packed North American tour, Pearce connected with DJ Times to talk about the new compilation.

DJ Times: What went into creating the two-disc concept for the compilation?
Pearce: I wanted to do two mixes. One that is a snapshot from a long club set of mine, and the second is my take on classic records that I grew up with or that have influenced me in recent times or back in the day.

DJ Times: The second disc touches on some tracks you consider classics. What sounds and releases were particularly influential when you were first getting started to DJ?
Pearce: The mix doesn’t really reflect the music I was into when I first started to DJ—that music was hardcore and old school jungle. The mix really reflects my initial forays into house and techno, which came about for me in late 1993 and early 1994. Some of the tracks I had then go back further, discovering the history of house and techno, and I feel some of the tracks on this mix reflect that. There are also slightly more modern records on the mix that I have only discovered in the last few years, but have become instant classics to me. I felt this was a good opportunity to get them played to a wider audience, as I love them and I want other people to love them as well.

DJ Times: Over the past year, you’ve played some huge gigs, from Glastonbury to Jamie Jones’ Paradise party in Miami and Ibiza. Has playing to larger crowds and bigger venues affected your style?
Pearce: Not really, to be honest. I have evolved to a more techno sound, purely because I am more inspired by the techno that I am listening to now. When as in previous years I was not inspired by what I was hearing so much. The first raves I went to were techno raves, so it’s something I have always loved.

DJ Times: You’ve got a very hands-on approach when you’re DJing, with a healthy dose of effects, mash-ups, and more. How is this style reflected in the compilation?
Pearce: The modern mix is a live mix. I set up four CDJs. But instead of using the effects of the Pioneer mixer, I chose to hook the mixer up to my studio so I could utilize Ableton Push and the effects within Ableton and other plug-ins. This gave it a more authentic way of using effects rather than a guy just using a Pioneer mixer.


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