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RedSonic is aiming to end the days of bulky, heavy, and expensive speaker cabinets for musicians and DJs with the Kickstarter campaign for RedSonic Modular Audio.

RedSonic’s new modular units are round and can be combined using a proprietary tracking system to create stacks, which are flexible, lightweight, and customizable to create sounds similar to those in systems many times their cost. A list of advantages of the system is available below from RedSonic.

· Modular design

· Unlimited number of units linked together on tracks from one speaker to a full wall of sound

· Lightweight and small enough to fit into any size vehicle, several units can be carried by one person

· Prices start as low as $99

· Higher end units made of various tone woods, aluminum and other materials

· Customizable to fit needs for arenas, clubs, concert halls, and more intimate rooms

· Powerful enough for any level musician

· State-of-the-art technology

· Adjustable ports allow musicians to customize and tweak sound

· Built in the USA

· Speakers can utilize Eminence Neodymium technology, the best in the world

The Kickstarter campaign aims to raise $480,000 for the company and runs until March 5. Go here to donate to the campaign and get more information at


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