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American DJ is giving mobile DJs two effects in one compact package with the Inno Pocket Fusion.

The latest in ADJ’s Inno Pocket series, the Pocket Fusion is a dual-effect, barrel-mirrored scanner that infuses LED beams with intense laser effects to create high-impact lightshows. The fixture is equipped with a powerful 12W white LED, eight fixed colors (and white), and a tight beam to produce slicing beams of color that are embellished with a 4.0mW green laser. Rapid X/Y mirror movement and high-quality stepper motors multiply the Pocket Fusion’s LED laser effects and offer versatile, precise movements that spin around the venue.

The Inno Pocket Fusion is DMX compatible, while users wanting an automated setup can take advantage of 12 built-in lightshows that can be synchronized between two or more fixtures. DMX users have a choice between five dimmer curves to tailor their lightshows to suit the style of any event or client, but DJs can also enable the unit’s Sound Active mode for automatic responses. Finally, the Inno Pocket Fusion is also compatible with the optional ADJ UC IR remote.

The Inno Pocket Fusion is available now from ADJ USA and will be available next month from ADJ Europe. Watch a demo video below and go to for more information.


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