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Chauvet DJ is aiming to take uplighting to the next level with the SlimBEAM Quad IRC, its new RGBA fixture.

The SlimBEAM Quad IRC consists of three tilting RGBA LED modules on a compact base, allowing users to uplight walls with color accents and also create unique beam effects. This two-in-one package allows DJs, event producers, and emcees to add wall art effects to add a special touch to their events. The fixture features a 180-degree tilt range, allowing the a large amount of wall space to be covered by a single unit.

The SlimBEAM Quad IRC’s four-in-one LEDs allow for a virtually limitless palette of color blends, and each of the three-watt LEDs projects a 15-degree beam angle (with the unit itself capable of covering 98-degrees. The unit can be run manually without DMX using built-in programs as well as Chuavet DJ’s IRC-6 infrared controller. DMX users have access to 4-, 9-, or 16-channel profiles for varying degrees of complexity.

For more information, go here. Watch a demo video below.


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