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The DJ Expo’s 25th anniversary and 2015 plans were revealed last month, and the details of this year’s DJ of the Year competition have been announced.

The DJ Expo will return to Atlantic City, NJ’s Trump Taj Mahal from August 10-13, and this year’s DJ of the Year competition will take place at Scores on August 12. The event is an MC/Entertainer competition hosted and produced by Mike Walter that tasks the judges with finding the most dynamic and personable MC. Contestants can enter with any routine they’d like, and awards will be given for Best Dance (as well as Best Choreography if back-up dancers are used) and Best Game in addition to the DJ of the Year title awarded by DJ Times.

The criteria for judging is as follows:

Initial Introduction – In the beginning of the night, you’ll have an opportunity to

introduce yourself and tell everyone a little about your routine. The judges are listening for a smooth, unique, well communicated introduction.

Originality – Quite simply is your routine unique and original? Efficacy – Can your routine be easily adopted by most of the DJ

community? If your routine cannot, this will cost you.

Overall Presentation – How you look and sound executing your routine.

Crowd Involvement and Response – Does the crowd get involved

and stay involved throughout your routine. And, how enthusiastic is their

applause afterwards.

Time limit: You’ll have up to 10 minutes for your routine (we give the games an extra minute or two), however, it is recommended you come in about 6-8 minutes. The longer routines seem to score poorly.

Songs – We do not allow for duplicity of songs so as soon as you have decided what song(s) you want to use let us know and we’ll reserve it for you. If anyone else has asked for that song already you’ll be notified right away.

Mix – If your routine requires a mix of music we recommend you make it in advance. We’ll have veteran DJs back behind the board but it is better to leave as little to chance as possible.

Music Formats- You can either send Mike your song / mix in advance or bring it to Atlantic City on a thumb drive.

All winners will receive an engraved plaque. To apply for entry, interested participants need to contact Mike Walter ( and describe their routine and/or provide footage of it being performed.


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