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audio Artery has announced OneDJ Start, its new introductory DJ software offering.

Described as the “affordable little brother of OneDJ,” the new software offers a smattering of features found in other professional DJ software. Users have access to both two and four deck layouts—both internal and external—and MIDI controller support as well as a modular MIDI mapper. OneDJ also features built-in FX, sync, BPM detection, grid editing, loops, autoloops, hotcues, and live recording. OneDJ Start also gives users the option to mix live using its unique Timeline layout, which allows for preparing, mashups, and more (although the contents of it cannot be saved or exported).

Additionally, the standard version of OneDJ has received a new update, bringing it up to version 1.7. Grab the update or purchase OneDJ Start at One.DJ.


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