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Ableton has announced the details of Loop, a music-making summit taking place in Berlin from October 30-November 1.

The daytime programming for Loop will feature talks and moderated conversations with production virtuosos including Matthew Herbert, Robert Henke, Holly Herndon, Young Guru, and more. The topics will explore the artistry and creative strategies of modern music makers. The programming will also feature curated presentations and panel discussions with the likes of James Holden, Electric Indigo, Henrik Schwarz, Antye Greie-Ripatti, who will share their perspectives on how music, creativity, and technology intersect. Hands-on workshops are also planned.

Ableton has also teamed up with Berlin’s CTM – Festival for Adventurous Music and Art for a series of nighttime concerts and performances designed to reflect the themes of the daytime programming. Passes to all nighttime events will be included for Loop attendees.

Registration for tickets is now available through August 7, with a lottery to follow for distribution. Applicants will be chosen from anyone deemed as an active music producer.

Head here for more information, including scheduled activities and participants.


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