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American DJ has released the Vizi Beam 5RX, a powerful new moving head fixture that is equipped with a motorized focus and glass lens.

The Vizi Beam 5RX allows users to create sharp, well-defined beams that stay in focus regardless of movement. Featuring a tight 5-degree beam angle and powered by a Philips Platinum 5R 189W discharge lamp, the Vizi Beam 5RX allows users to create beams of potent light that can slice through fog and haze.

The fixture boasts an array of vivid colors and patterns thanks to the inclusion of independent GOBO and color wheels that offer 17 fixed GOBOs (plus spot) and 14 colors (plus white). Users can take advantage of split colors for captivating multi-colored beams as well as GOBO scroll and shake functions to add energy. The built-in eight-facet prism can also be activated to split the beam into moving shards of light.

The unit also includes flexible movement options, with stepper motors plus micro-stepping and auto X-Y repositioning. Users can take utilize 540-degree pan and 270-degree tilt to achieve room-spanning lighting displays. For control, users have access to both 16- and 19-channel DMX modes.

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