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Chauvet DJ wants you to be one of the stars of its 2015 Halloween video via the launch of its Halloween Scream Test contest.

Chauvet DJ is looking for DJs to integrate into its marketing team’s annual video and is tasking fans with submitting photos or video clips that they deem “appropriately ghoulish or horrifying.” Three winners will be chosen and included in the clip and its credits.

The contest is open to DJs anywhere in the world, with entries being judged on originality and appropriateness for inclusion in Chauvet’s Halloween video. Any videos deemed offensive or endangering to people or animals will be disqualified immediately.

Of course, the winners will be hooked up with Chauvet DJ prizes including a Chauvet DJ Geyser RGB for first place and a SilmBANK UV-18 and SimPAR Hex 3 IRC for second and third place, respectively.

To enter, simply email your photo or video to and include your name, email address, and phone number. All entries are due at 5 PM EST on Friday, August 21.


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