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1. Maximize your trade show.

Do your research on the products you want prior to coming to the Expo, so that when you get there you can minimize the amount of strolling time and maximize the amount of testing you do on specific equipment.
“Do your homework,” explains Arleen Weitz of ARW Events in Philadelphia, who since 2004 has acted as event planner and consultant to several local hotels, as well as for the Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau. “Research parking arrangements at every venue to make sure you can haul away products in an easy manner.”

Gregg Hollman of Ambient DJ Service in East Windsor, N.J., has other tips. “Make a list of people who you’d like to meet at the Expo and try to schedule a time to speak with them over coffee or lunch,” he says. “During this time, you can pick their brain and learn from our industry’s very best. You may also forge some lifelong friendships.”

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