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Three Tracks: Always in Destructo’s Crate

“Musique” by Daft Punk [Virgin Records, 1996]: “One of Daft Punk’s best tunes that you never hear played. When I dropped this on Holy Ship!!! with the French crew, the entire place went nuts.”
“Energy Flash” by Joey Beltram [Transmat, 1990]: “Classic electronic music staple since the early days. I try to drop it in my sets whenever I can—it’s great to mix on top of everything.”
“Higher” by Destructo [Boysnoize/Owsla, 2013]: “If I don’t play this in my set people always seem disappointed and ask, ‘Why didn’t you play it?’ Sometimes I get so lost in the mix that I forget. I always feel like there isn›t enough time to play everything I want to.”

– C.C.

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