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Zeitgeist returned to Verboten, located in Brooklyn, New York, on Thursday, September 3 to warm up the coming Labor Day weekend. Featuring booty-bass master Shiba San, with support from Huxley, Housing Corp and Lust Fund, the party went off from early in the night and well into the next morning.

Shiba San went on promptly at 12:30 am, wasting no time in throwing down choice vocal house tracks. One early Shiba gem informed the crowd that, “I’m not ignorant / I’m not narrow-minded / See a fine booty? / Do the right thing and get behind it.” We can’t wait to ID that one.

Shiba San continued the festivities by throwing down bomb after bomb, from his own track “I Like Your Booty” to Denny’s “Lower Frequency,” and with plenty of upbeat G-House in between.

Shiba San showed off a bit of impressive CDJ scratching just before he turned the party up to maximum heat around 2:15 am. Huxley went on shortly thereafter—around 2:30 am—and continued building on Shiba San’s vibes, taking the party in deeper, weirder directions.

Listen to Shiba San’s set on SoundCloud here, peep the photos below, and then check out his upcoming tour dates if you missed out!










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