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Mixvibes’ mobile DJing app Cross DJ has received a makeover via its 3.0 update, available now for both iOS and Android phones.

The iOS updates features a new audio engine, offering an improvement in battery consumption, audio quality, and optimized recordings. The app itself has received a redesign, giving users a single-deck portrait mode view, large and small cover displays, most accurate tapping of small buttons, notifications on loops, FX, samples, and active EQs, and changeable deck colors.

The biggest update to the iOS Cross DJ, however, is the transition to now being a universal app. DJs can now buy Cross DJ once and use it across both iPhones and iPad, with a specific, customized layout for both. Users will no longer have to purchase separate iPad and iPhone-only apps.

On the Android front, Cross DJ now runs more smoothly on Android M devices, with MIDI control now being plug-and-play for supported controllers (U-Mix Control 1&2, U-Mix Control Pro 1&2, Pioneer DDJ-WeGO 2/3, and Pioneer DDJ-SB). Android M devices now support multichannel audio, allowing for pre-cueing and master output in dual-stereo. Additionally bug fixes have been added.

Head here to purchase the iOS version and here for the Android version.


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