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Pioneer rekordbox dj users now have a limitless cache of music to spin, as the performance software now features integration with music streaming service Pulselocker.

The new partnership between Pulselocker and Pioneer DJ allows users to connect their software to their Pulselocker account, giving DJs access to the service’s 44 million tracks. Pioneer DJ chief executive office Yoshiaki Ide expressed his excitment for the announcement, saying, “Since we launched rekordbox dj performance software in October, DJs have told us they’d like it to include support for streaming services like Pulselocker… We’re excited to partner with Pulselocker and give DJs a new way to access the music they love.”

The launch of Pulselocker is slated to roll out this spring. In the meantime, head to Pioneer DJ’s post about the announcement for more information on rekordbox dj and Pulselocker.


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