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Anjunadeep is no stranger to finding and cultivating rising underground talent, and its new Explorations EP series (out now) serves as a formal introduction for the label’s newbies.

Theo Kottis’s “Into The Wild” is an intrigue-filled slow-burner that’s touched with a cinematic feel.  Heliotype brings a controlled energy in his track ‘Catching Fire’, perfect for an intimate space packed at peak-time.  The highlight of this fantastic EP has to be Wild Dark’s “Falling Deep,” a great ambiance, stylish guitar riff, and original vocals put this track on point. “Point of Return” is a gorgeous, chill house tune bordering on ambient, but building so nicely you can’t help but move to it.  They might be new faces, but they’ve nailed the Anjunadeep sound already!

Listen to the EP below and purchase it now here.


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