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American DJ is putting DMX control in the palm of your hand with the Airstream DMX Bridge, a multi-signal Wi-Fi transmitter that enables in-depth control of multiple ADJ lighting effects from any iOS device.

The new device allows users to control WiFly-enablabed ADJ fixtures over a single wireless DMX network at a distance of up to 2,500 feet via their Airstream DMX Bridge iOS app. Additionally, The Airstream DMX Bridge itself is outfitted with 3-pin DMX outputs for control of non-WiFLY products from within the same ap.

The app itself features a simple layout centered around five tabs—Fixtures, Channels, Effects, Scenes, and Shows—on its main menu. On the Fixtures tab, users can patch up 24 fixtures by selecting from a pre-set library of ADJ WiFLY and Elation productions as well as having to generic configurations. The Channels tab gives access to a range of settings for the selected product, while the Effects allows the shaping of movements, color patterns, and pulse/strobe options. Finally, the Scenes and Shows tabs allow users to build their desired DMX lightshows.

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