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Denon DJ has introduced the latest version of its Engine music management software with the rollout of the 1.5 version of the desktop utility.

The 1.5 update is optimized for use with Denon DJ’s new MCX8000 player/controller, but users with SC3900 and SC2900 media players can also take advantage of the software. Engine is equipped with a database creation function and can directly import Serato DJ hotcues, allowing for efficient music organization.

Look below for the key features of Engine 1.5.

Color Waveforms

High-resolution color waveforms, based on the frequency content of the music. Low/mid/high-frequency slices are drawn in Red/Green/Blue. This helps to visually identify the percussive elements and other sonic frequencies inside the music.

Key Filtering

Filters a collection by the Key information stored in the track’s metadata. DJs can select multiple Key signatures along with a BPM range to build crates and playlists that sound great together.

Serato DJ Hotcue Support

Users now have the ability to import Serato DJ hotcues from existing Serato DJ database by dragging any track with stored hotcue data from Serato DJ to the Engine Library DJs can then use these tracks with hotcues in standalone mode without a laptop computer!

Extensive Collection Support

Engine 1.5 supports a massive amount of tracks: up to 100,000 in a single collection. There’s Playlist support for up to 1000 tracks per playlist and crate support for over 500 crates with 7 sub-crates, all in a single Engine Library or Engine Target USB.

Drop the music onto a flash drive [Engine Target]:

DJs can easily drop their lists directly onto their flash drive, just by plugging the flash drive into the MCX8000.

Key Features:

  • Import Serato DJ cue points into Engine utility software
  • Create and Analyze Music Database
  • Set cue points in advance
  • Organize all of your tags and music files
  • Brand new GUI with improved layout for optimized workflow
  • Files: Up to 100,000 playable files
  • Crates: Up to 512 crates with 7 sub crate layers
  • Playlists: Up to 512

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