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American DJ is proving that big things can come in small packages with the announcement of the Crazy Pocket 8.

Designed as a pocket-sized version of the original Crazy 8, the new fixture allows users to generate quick sweeping beams with its dual-tilting bars and high-power source of eight 3W LEDs. Also equipped with a rotating base with a 540-degree pan and capacity for eight-zone LED chases, the Crazy Pocket 8’s light shows are as dazzling as it is portable.

The moving head features two independently tilting bars—each equipped with four lenses and 205-degree tilt—and a rotating base yolk, allowing for compelling multi-beam displays of RGBA color to fill the room and complement fog and haze effects. A concise 4-degree beam angle allows for tight and cutting beams, and stepping motors ensure for precision positioning and quick-sweeping movements.

Check out the Crazy Pocket 8 demo video below and go here for more information.


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