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The spirit of UK grime is alive and well if Cookie Monsta’s Wobble EP is anything to go by.

Out now via Circus Recordings, the aptly titled EP sees the Nottingham-born DJ/producer bringing crushing bass to the masses with face-melting blasts of sound, ready to bring classic dubstep staples back to the forefront of the electronic music scene.

To celebrate the release of the EP and honor his mission of bringing wobble back to the genre, Cookie Monsta has compiled a list of five essential tunes that inspired its creation. Peep his selections below and purchase the Wobble EP here.

Rusko – “Cockney Thug”
This brought a whole new level of hype that wasn’t about—it came out of no where and captivated me.

Skream – “Chest Boxing”
I remember hearing this in 2008 and it blew my socks off. The drop was just so disgusting but so simple–that’s what caught me about this track. The simplicity, yet pure fire levels of hype [were] unreal.

The Bug – “Skeng”
This one’s a beast. It’s so grimy and gully, pure gun-finger skank! It’ll forever stay as a classic for me, so many good memories while listening to this.

Chase & Status – “Eastern Jam”
I couldn’t even comprehend when this was dropped in a club, the whole place would erupt with a wall of vibrations!

Skream – “Midnight Request Line”
This one is pretty much my ultimate dubstep track.I heard it in around 2007 and it was just so fresh and unheard of. The beat was like UK Grime but the bass was more dominant than usual.

You can stream the new EP below.


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