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Pioneer DJ is expanding its line of rekordbox dj controllers with the announcement of the DDJ-RB and DDJ-RR and release of the 4.1.1 update to the software.

The DDJ-RB represents the entry-level offering of the pair, giving DJs all they need to begin DJing with Pioneer’s performance software. The basics are all here, with play/cue buttons, jog wheels, and a VU level meters accompanied by Performance Pads that can trigger Hot Cues, Beat Jump, Pad FX, and Slicer.

The DDJ-RR includes all of the RB’s features while also adding in hallmarks of a pro setup. Larger jog wheels, illuminated on-jog indicators, and customizable, multi-colored Performance Pads have been implemented, while Slip Mode and Release FX gives DJs more creative options. Additionally, multiple outputs and inputs gives users the option to use the DDJ-RR with software or as a stand-alone two-channel mixer using multiplayers or turntables.


Both units introduce buttons for brand new features from the just released rekordbx 4.1.1 software update, including ones for Sequence Call. Both the RB and RR are the first controllers to support PC Master Out, which allows users to play master output through a computer’s internal speakers or a connected desktop speaker while using the controller for headphones at the same time.

Both controllers will be available in the US beginning this June, and each offering will include a bundled rekordbox dj Plus Pack. For more information, go to


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