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El Dusty, Corpus Christi, Texas

Impact: “P Control.” As a club DJ, when everyone is already wasted, throw that song on & the floor would get lit.

Deep Cut: “Batdance.”

Legacy: He wrote classics.

Jordan Rogers, Tiger City, Memphis

Impact: “1999″ has those powerful opening synths. Next up are “Controversy” or “Seven.”

Legacy: No boundaries.

Chili Davis, 718 Sessions, NYC

Impact: “Erotic City.” Played at the right time to the right crowd, a DJ can set the tone for a party.

Deep Cut: “How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore” is a great track to close a night with.

Legacy: Never anyone like him.

Linda Leigh,, Philadelphia

Impact: “Hot Thing.” The girls love it & when the girls love it, the guys do, too—such a funky groove!

Deep Cut: Herbie Hancock’s instrumental version of “Thieves in the Temple” – jazzy goodness.

Legacy: Timeless appeal.

Jackie McCloy, NY Music Pool, Long Island

Impact: “1999”—it was the song to play at midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Deep Cut: “Extraordinary,” a slow jam that would work as a transition back in the day.

Legacy: He appealed to all audiences.

Tony Fernandez, Sowndwave, Richmond, Va.

Impact: “Erotic City.” Great energy, great melody & crazy lyrics. It’s just funky & the content didn’t hurt.

Deep Cuts: Everything on Sign o’ the Times.

Legacy: Brilliance.

Al Pizarro, Heavy Rotation Promo, NYC

Impact: “When Doves Cry.” As soon as the crowd heard the opening guitar lick, they went crazy.

Deep Cut: “I Would Die 4 U” was always a great change of pace into a dance-rock segment.

Legacy: Songs you can play anytime.

Jae Murphy, Jason Derulo Tour DJ, L.A.

Impact: “1999” has timeless energy.

Deep Cut: “Alphabet Street” with the screams, the harmonies and the guitar.

Legacy: He’s timeless.

Trayze, 107.3 FM, Washington, D.C.

Impact: “Kiss” because the girls lose their shit to that one.

Deep Cuts: The songs he wrote or performed on, like “777-9311” by The Time or “Stand Back” by Stevie Nicks.

Legacy: Genius & a visionary.

DJ ShadowReD, Chateau, Las Vegas

Impact: “Erotic City” definitely makes the dancers get closer on the floor.

Deep Cut: “Sexy MF,” such a cool/slick song.

Legacy: Timeless music.

Richard Vission, Powertools, L.A.

Impact: “When Doves Cry” & “Erotic City” always keep the dancefloor sexy.

Deep Cut: “Controversy” is an all-time fave. My bootleg remix became a big tune for me.

Legacy: He never followed any trends sonically.

Miguel Campbell, Sankeys, Leeds, U.K.

Impact: “1999.” The stereo effects & the sound quality of the guitars & vocals are amazing.

Deep Cut: “Erotic City,” the original or Wolf + Lamb’s house remix.

Legacy: Innovative, provocative & evocative.

Chus + Ceballos, Stereo Productions, Madrid, Spain

Impact: “Let’s Go Crazy.” The tension brought on by the speech & the organ breaking into the guitar & the lead vocal is epic, one of the most powerful dance-rock pieces ever made. It brings your energy up, no matter the circumstances.

Deep Cut: “Nothing Compares 2 U.” The music & lyrics touch the deep corners of the soul like no other Prince track.

Legacy: Total musician who wrote universal music.

Matador, Rukus, Dublin, Ireland

Impact: “1999.” I don’t know anyone on the planet who doesn’t like this.

Deep Cut: “Sexy MF.” I love the simplicity of this track & its clean, smooth groove—plus, I have a soft spot for a bit of brass.

Legacy: Prince embodied music & his level of attention to his craft makes his music timeless.

Felguk, Sony Music, Rio de Janeiro

Impact: “Kiss” is just a memorable, sexy, groovy, fun song.

Deep Cut: “Sexy MF” is just a straight-up, funky track, James Brown-style, with a big, groovy bass.

Legacy: A real artist.

Joe Stone, Spinnin, Almelo, Holland

Impact: “Kiss” is irresistible in its grooviness.

Deep Cut: “I Wanna Be Your Lover” for its intro & guitar part.

Legacy: Prince was always ahead of his time.

Redondo, Spinnin, Amsterdam

Impact: “Kiss.” We used to play the René Amesz bootleg a lot—had a breakbeat/tech-housey vibe.

Deep Cut: “Musicology” is a combo of Prince’s old stuff and the hip-hop/pop stuff that Pharrell produced.

Legacy: Most of his tracks are evergreens.

The Sol Brothers, Drenched Records, London

Impact: A remix of “When Does Cry.”

Deep Cut: “I Wanna Be Your Lover” usually surprises the crowd & gets a reaction.

Legacy: Funk, soul, originality.

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