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For most DJs and fans, Borgeous jumped into EDM consciousness in 2013 with “Tsunami,” the mega-hit which shared authorship with Canadian duo DVBBS. The tune became a festival favorite and, a year later, a vocal version topped charts worldwide.

Fast-forward three years and Borgeous (aka John Borger) has returned with a new album (titled 13) on his new Armada Music-connected label, Geousus Records (pronounced jus-us). Mixing EDM, bass, house and indie leanings, the collab-filled full-length features ultra-catchy singles “Ride It” (featuring Sean Paul) and “Lost & Found,” (with 7 Skies featuring Neon Hitch).

DJ Times recently caught up with Borgeous to discuss the new release, his influences and favorite spots to play.

DJ Times: How did you start DJing?

Borgeous: I was going out in L.A. a lot and was working at the nightclubs. I knew I could create the music I was hearing out in the clubs, so I just started plugging myself into the nights. Seeing the amounts of plays on my Soundcloud and getting a massive response to “Tsunami,” I knew that DJing was what I wanted to do. So, that is where it all started, in Hollywood.

DJ Times: Who were your main DJ/producer influences?

Borgeous: Before I started DJing, I listened to Kaskade, Dada Life and Alesso.

DJ Times: Have your musical influences changed from then to now?

Borgeous: Not really. I kind of just influence myself in a way. I like to focus on what I’m doing. I hear stuff on the radio here and there, but that’s really it.

DJ Times: For your new album 13, where does the main inspiration come from?

Borgeous: It comes from things that I have listened to my whole entire life – from rock to hip hop to dance to whatever other genre it may be. I don’t really go into the studio with this idea of being inspired by other music. I do it because I want to do it and I didn’t just want to continue doing singles. I really wanted to create an album and produce a body of work that is very diverse and represents different things that I have done or liked to listen to and combined them into 15 different tracks.

DJ Times: You’re debuting your album under your own label, Geousus, in conjunction with the powerhouse, Armada Music. Tell us about your label.

Borgeous: The label is a play on my name and the words “just us.” I called it that because I wanted it to represent the festival community—from the ravers to the DJs.

DJ Times: The first single that you released from the album was “Ride It” featuring Sean Paul. Tell us about that one…

Borgeous: Well, my background is Jamaican – black and white. Sean Paul is Jamaican as well and I’ve always wanted to do a song with him and it just felt right to release “Ride It” first.

DJ Times: What type of DJ equipment do you use?

Borgeous: Pioneer CDJ-2000s. There is a lot that can go wrong on a computer. The CDJs are definitely easier to use and are more dependable.

DJ Times: Being a DJ definitely brings you to some amazing places. What are your favorite venues and festivals?

Borgeous: Top venues are Stereo Live in Houston, New City Gas in Montreal and Create in L.A. Top festivals that I played and liked are Tomorrowland in Brazil, Spring Awakening in Chicago and Electric Zoo in New York.

DJ Times: Did you ever imagine yourself being where you are today?

Borgeous: Yes, I am a very determined, self-motivated, hard-working person, every single day, which is why I knew that I would be where I am today as a DJ. That’s just how I am.

DJ Times: What advice would you give aspiring DJs?

Borgeous: Be persistent, but keep it classy and clean. Don’t flood peoples’ DMs and comments with promo stuff, but rather let it happen naturally. It’s basically a bit of luck, timing, and skill.

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