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Between the release of their second studio album, Women being released last year and the French electronic music duo making the rounds on the festival curious this summer, it’s to say we’ve seen Justice’s name floating around quite a bit as of late. It just so happens that Justice is the most successful group on Ed Banger Records which is celebrating its 100th release May 12th. Coincidence? I think not.

With the much-anticipated release of Ed Rec 100 only days away, Ed Banger has decided to share the incredible Boys Noize remix of “Randy” and it is a jewel. The 2016 original release was an uplifting electro-disco tune that has now been flipped on its head being transformed into more of a hard-hitting techno bomb that is dancefloor-ready.

“I love Randy. We’ve been friends forever. This one night I took him to a HI-NRG TECHNO DISCO and we raved till Monday morning. We were at our peak when this remix came on. Wow. Headbanger 100!” – Boys Noize

Listen to the full stream below and be sure to purchase your copy of the EdRec100 compilation Friday.

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