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Jesse Rose’s Play It Down imprint is not one that usually offers up premiere opportunities but when they do, that means it’s something they are undoubtedly excited about, and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you. DJ Sneak & Demuir have joined forces to create their highly anticipated Untouchable Funk EP with their single “Open Minds” leading the charge. These two Toronto-based producers put their creative minds together creating one undeniably groovy tune that sets the tone for the rest of this three-track offering.

“It all started with a brief phone call, and we discovered that we were only 10 minutes away from one another – so a future studio session with choice weed was long overdue. The ‘Untouchable Funk’ EP is what ensued as we shared, chopped, and arranged our sampled based textures into one creative space. We wanted to lay down beats that we could get right into for our culture and the clubs. Big Love out to Jesse Rose and Play It Down for taking this journey with us!” – DJ Sneak and Demuir

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