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With the weekend right around the corner, our latest premiere is sure to be the perfect addition to your party playlist. Blossoming Dutch talent Sophie Francis adds to an already impressive discography which includes several top-charting singles with her new original, “Lovedrunk.”

The newly minted high-school graduate’s latest release had been floating around as an anonymous ‘ID’ before quickly turning into Most Talked About ‘ID’ on the 1001 Tracklist Charts. “Lovedrunk” is a very relatable tune to most high schoolers telling the story of a girl whose mother does not approve of the boy she is madly in love with. While this production is a colorful and festival friendly affair, the single received its emotional edge from newcomer Sophia Ayana’s soulful vocals. Be prepared to hear this one quite a bit in the coming months, my friends.

Listen to the exclusive full stream below.

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