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Sónar+D is a four-day conference in Barcelona showcasing the initiatives and tools that will shape our future creative experiences in the fields of music, visual art, and interactive content. Taking place this upcoming June 14-17, Sónar+D runs parallel to the flagship Sónar music festival, with both events happening during the larger Sónar music week.

Sónar+D will showcase the latest advances in artificial intelligence by companies like Google and offer several cutting-edge audiovisual (AV) and virtual reality (VR) experiences. The Sonar360º by Movistar+ “fulldome” VR events will completely surround the audience with 360 degree image and sound, while Björk’s four-hour opening DJ set plus her “Björk Digital” exhibition will combine virtual reality, human interaction, performance and videos. And lets not forget the many networking events that will be available.

Considering the fact that Sónar+D 2017 offers a jaw-dropping program of more than 100 unique music and technology-oriented activities–with over 180 speakers across only four days–we took the time to sift through the options and highlight the must-see events for forward-thinking DJ/producers.

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Recommended Talks:

  • DJ Shadow in conversation with Tony Nwachukwu (creator of the CDR platform): Ableton presents a conversation between the American producer and Tony Nwachukwu, creator of the CDR platform, where some of the most renowned London artists (from Maya Jane Coles to Floating Points) found the first opportunity to show their music.
  • Red Bull Music Academy presents Suzanne Ciani: A synth pioneer and adventurous electronic composer since the early ‘80s, Suzanne Ciani has defied assumptions about genre, sound design and technical knowledge ever since.
  • Red Bull Music Academy presents RP Boo: Pioneer and innovator are two tags that fit perfectly well with the Chicago producer Kavain Space, also known as RP Boo and inventor of footwork, one of the dance music genres that has experienced the most international expansion in recent years.
  • Business for creative technologists: Featuring John Acquaviva (DJ/producer and investor in music technology),  Jon Eades (chief of the Abbey Road incubator) and Kalam Ali (chief of Venture Partnerships at Native Instruments).
  • Creative Commons for the Creative Industries: This panel represents different perspectives and specific examples that provide a vision on how Creative Commons content can be used by creative industries, create economical return for content creators and how to address specific legal aspects. This panel is a must for music and audio creators, companies and users interested in Creative Commons licenses.
  • Open Music Inititative: Working together to find a universal language for music metadata.
  • Blockchain for artists, labels and fans: This streaming platform proposes collective ownership as a business model. Instead of a corporation, the owners are the listeners themselves (artists, labels, fans) and the subscription model is changed for “stream to own”, a system of micro-payments in which the users only pay for what they listen. This change of model guarantees transparency and equitable retributions for artists and labels.
  • Online big data platform for increasing value for creators: URights is a copyright platform developed by IBM and La SACEM (one of the world’s largest collective management organisations). This system uses IBM’s cloud technology to capture and track the value of online music for both creators and publishers in a transparent and efficient way.

Recommended Demos:

Recommended Workshops:

  • Sónar Soundtrip: Sound Design Workshop: Participants in this workshop will learn to create some of the most iconic sounds in the history of electronic music, some of them by artists that have played at Sónar such as Aphex Twin, Daft Punk or Kraftwerk.
  • Electronic Music with Little Bits: This is a 90 minute workshop where participants will learn how to use the littleBits Synth Kit, an incredibly powerful, easy to use a modular synthesizer.
  • DIY Mutant Drone-Light Synth: Build you own light-controlled analog synthesizer.

Recommended MarketLab Exhibitions:

  • TINAMI: Build your personalized MIDI controller.
  • DATO DUO: A musical instrument for making electronic music together, independently of age and musical skill.
  • Dadamachines Automat Toolkit: A MIDI controller that comes together with an array of accessories that allow anyone invent their own musical machinery, using the real world as an instrument.
  • EntresD: Demos of the fabrication process to create 3D printed instruments including keyboards, synthesizers and guitars.
  • Elektron: Visitors will be able to try their latest drum machine and sampler Digitakt, win daily prizes with their famous arcade machines and take a closer look to instruments such as the effects units Analog Heat and Analog Drive.
  • INTORNO LABS: Intorno will present their software tools to design and control sound for immersive environments.
  • Eurecat Sfëar: Sfëar is a new technology that allows sound producers, artists, venues and event promoters to generate 3D sound content compatible with the majority of music production and listening platforms.

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