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When it comes to the saying “quality over quantity,” Serbian-Australian producer Dirty South is one artist that will always come to mind. Why? Well, we only receive a handful of releases from him per year. You can’t rush greatness, my friends.

Four long months after his successful single, “I Swear” featuring Anima!, he has returned to the esteemed imprint that is Anjunabeats for “The First Time.” Now this certainly isn’t “The First Time” he’s called upon Rudy for his vocal prowess, but he is a fresh face amongst the Anjuna community. Keep in mind, “I Swear” was Dragan’s label debut.

Driven by a soothing melody and an angelic topline, it is hard to not get caught in up this alluring tune. “The First Time” a progressive masterpiece that is sure to stir up a bit of emotion, but that is nothing new when it comes to a Dirty South production.

Take a listen to Dirty South latest below.

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