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Jauz and Crankdat have both been supporting each other’s music for quite some time now, and while fans begged for collaboration, it was floating around right under their noses for the whole time. One of the most highly coveted IDs in the world of electronic music has been Jauz and Crankdat’s explosive collaboration “I Hold Still,” which certainly lives up to all the hype.

This is what many would consider a “proper” collaboration with each producer’s signature style of production standing out to the listener while complementing each other seamlessly.

It’s safe to say Jauz’s bone-rattling bass elements fused with Crankdat’s melody focused and aggressive approach result in one monstrous festival anthem that is going to dominate the rest of the circuit. A match made in heaven? I’d like to think so.

Stream their much-anticipated collaboration below and don’t forget to snag your free download by clicking here.

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