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It’s hard to deny that Martin Solveig’s “All Stars” featuring ALMA is one of the true anthems of the summer with its bubbly feel-good appeal and catchy vocal hook. While this continues to receive spins throughout the world, Solveig has released the official music video to accompany his hit single and it is quite unorthodox, to say the least.

Shot in his hometown of Paris and directed by French filmmaker and artist Thomas Lélu, with production from Deni Susic & Celine Lopez, “All Stars” is simply in a league of its own, For those who don’t know Lélu is known for layering food and household objects on top of popular photographs which is the most impressive and unique aspect of this video.

In the video, both Solveig and ALMA as perform the track, while being interspersed with various utensils, fruit, and colorful characters.

Check out the video below and enjoy!

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