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San Diego – Presenting a deep lineup that includes some of the world’s top house and techno DJs, CRSSD Festival will rock San Diego’s Waterfront Park this Saturday and Sunday (Sept. 30 – Oct. 1). Headliners and favorites include Dixon, Richie Hawtin, Chromeo, Patrick Topping, Hot Since 82 and The Black Madonna. Music runs noon to 11 pm on Saturday, noon to 10 pm on Sunday.

The lineup also includes the legendary DJ/producer Robert Hood. Billed as Floorplan, Hood will hit the City Steps stage on Saturday at 8 p.m. Long known as a pioneer of Detroit techno—he was a founding member of the seminal Underground Resistance collective—Hood has been based in Alabama for the past decade.

Recording for M-Plant, Floorplan’s unique, gospel-infused techno will rattle your soul. Check Hood’s recent “Let the Church” EP (M-Plant), which includes the banging, testifying “Made Up in My Mind,” and you, too, may be converted. We recently caught up with Hood, as he prepped for CRSSD Festival.

DJ Times: Is there a difference between Robert Hood and Floorplan?

Floorplan: Robert Hood is more minimal techno and Floorplan is more disco with a combination of techno and jazz and house. I produce under both names and my daughter, Lyric Hood, helps me out with Floorplan.

DJ Times: Lotsa uplifting religious themes in the music…

Floorplan: I am a God-fearing person and I believe that Christ is our lord and savior… not to preach right now. I do attend church every Sunday with my daughter. I do tend to incorporate a lot of gospel in my music.

DJ Times: When did you move from Detroit to Alabama?

Floorplan: About 12 years ago. I enjoy it here. It is nice and quiet and peaceful and away from any big city. I am about an hour south of Mobile.

DJ Times: Any house or techno scene in your area?

Floorplan: No, there isn’t any techno in Alabama, but there is a small techno scene in Tennessee, actually. I am currently in Atlanta and I am not sure if there is much of a scene down here either or in Georgia. There is more of a scene in Texas and I know there is a festival here in Alabama called Hangout Festival that has started to book some electronic acts.

DJ Times: It’s growing into some of the smaller U.S. markets now…

Floorplan: It is surely evolving here in America out of the major cities and into the smaller and lesser known ones. You have a lot of these festivals that are in the South and Midwest booking house and techno artists where they weren’t before. It goes to show that techno music is starting to become more mainstream and branching out of the underground.

DJ Times: Do you think that it is a good thing that we are evolving outside of the warehouse circuit and into these major festivals?

Floorplan: Yeah. I think it is a good thing that the scene is evolving and more people are taking notice. Techno music has been here for many years and it isn’t going anywhere any time soon. It can’t stay underground forever.

DJ Times: So you are playing CRSSD Festival this weekend. What are your thoughts going into it?

Floorplan: I never know what to expect when I play in California. The vibe is always different and it is always exciting. People come to California from all over the world and I always enjoy playing there. San Diego is such a beautiful city with such beautiful people. I definitely look forward to playing there. San Diego and California, in general, has a very healthy scene and they love house and techno music.

 Floorplan will perform at CRSSD Festival on September 30th at the City Steps stage. Tickets are available here.


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