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New York City – A new club party kicks off tonight at HAUS in Manhattan’s trendy Tribeca district. P.U.R.E., the venue’s new, twice-monthly event, will present the full gamut of electronic-music genres – and tonight, P.U.R.E. brings FATUM.

The Orlando, Fla.-based DJ/producer quartet has enjoyed support from dance-music’s biggest DJs – from Above & Beyond and Armin van Buuren to David Guetta and Calvin Harris. FATUM was nominated for a Grammy Award in 2016 for its remix of “Hold On” (by JES, Shant & Clint Maximus) and its original electronic productions have been released on a variety of well-regarded labels, including Anjunabeats, Armada Music, Black Hole, Ultra Music and Big Beat/Atlantic.

Ubiquitous Long Island-based trance DJ Mike Saint-Jules will open tonight’s show and DJ Times will serve as a media sponsor for this and future P.U.R.E. parties at HAUS.

FATUM includes Daniel Davis, Bill Hamel, Chad Newbold and Bruce Karlsson. Recent group releases include the shimmery, pop-leaning “On My Own” featuring Angel Taylor (Armind/Armada) and the grittier, electro-flavored “Stained Glass” (Anjunabeats). We connected with FATUM’s Daniel Davis before the HAUS event:

What are FATUM’s musical influences?

Because there are four of us and we come from a variety of musical backgrounds, our inspirations vary from song to song. In general, we gain a lot of inspiration from 1980s synth-pop bands, as well as other current dance-music moguls such as Eric Prydz, Swedish House Mafia, Flume, Skrillex and many others. Most of these artists are not only DJs, but also fantastic producers and songwriters, who have carved their own sound and made an impact on the dance-music culture. That’s what’s most inspirational and admirable to us.

What’s your gear set-up when DJing and why do you that particular system?

We use the industry-standard Pioneer DJ set-up – CDJ-2000NXS players with the DJM-2000NXS mixer. Usually, we like to have three or more CDJs and one mixer. The main reason is that this setup is so versatile and most clubs have accepted it as the standard for performances. We eventually are looking to do a live show using Ableton Live where we can construct and deconstruct our songs in a live setting, in real time.

As for the studio, what’s in your music-making arsenal?

Ableton Live! We love it, especially for loop-based music, meaning dance music. We use it for not only production, but also for our radio shows. As far as plug-ins, we love iZotope’s Trash, all of the Waves plug-ins, Fab Filters limiters and EQs, Valhalla reverbs and a ton of other stuff – simply too many to mention.

What’s on the musical horizon for FATUM?

We have a lot of music out now and a lot coming out. Right now, our pop song with the fabulous Angel Taylor, “On My Own,” is out – and it’s getting a lot of love from radio programmers and other DJs. A more underground track we also have out right now is called “Stained Glass,” which is a club banger. It’s very important to us and we are very grateful and humbled to be supported by the big indies with our releases simultaneously. We have releases coming out on Armada Music, Anjunabeats, Black Hole Recordings, and we’ve had releases on Ultra Music and Big Beat/Atlantic Records and more. It’s a busy time! We have a lot more in store for the labels that we have worked with in the past, as well as releasing more for labels we haven’t worked with yet. Our sound is definitely evolving into something new and our fans can expect to see the next phase of that evolution in the coming months.

What can fans expect at HAUS on tonight? 

Just an all-around goody party! Expect to hear a lot of our own stuff as well as some others from producers we admire. Anjunabeats fans will be excited to hear some of our new music as well, seeing that ABGT250 [Above & Beyond present Group Therapy 250] will be right around the corner.

Nice venue, huh?

When we played at HAUS NYC a couple of months ago for the “Global Journey DJ Battle” presented by Brussels Airlines in partnership with Tomorrowland – which FATUM won, by the way – we were impressed with the venue and crowd. It’s a very chic, luxury venue with a super cozy layout of “stadium-style” seating VIP tables and a nice, close dancefloor. The venue is 300-person legal capacity—and I think it’s more like 450 with turnover—so we are super-excited to be back. The New York crowd is totally amazing! Where else in the world can you party like it’s a Friday or Saturday night, but do it on a Wednesday?

Music starts at 9:30 p.m. For general-admission tickets, VIP or table reservations, please visit here.


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