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While the last of Hurricane IRMA continues to bear down on Florida, the Caribbean islands are left with trail of destruction with thousands of homes and businesses destroyed. One of the hardest hit, the island of St. Martin.

In response to the devastation caused to the island, SXM Festival has issued a call to support this iconic destination in need.

“We appreciate all the words of love and of support. We are now focusing all our efforts on rescue and relief operations in Saint Martin and reaching out to our community for HELP. We will keep you informed and thank you for patience as we navigate through these difficult times. If you have ever been to SXM Festival or if you just want to help this incredibly worthy cause, please donate whatever you can afford and share this post with whoever you believe may wish to help. #SXMStrong” said SXM Festival organizers.

SXM Festival and #SXMStrong have launched an official fundraising effort via GoFundMe to raise financial aid for the community of St. Martin. The two organizations are in close communication with local government to ensure that the funds raised will be applied towards what is needed most on the island.

“The beauty and welcoming spirit of St Martin continues to be an anchor in my life and that of my closest friends and family. Now it is time for us to give back to this amazing community as it needs our help more than ever. Through my life-long relationship with the island I have built a unique bond with the local government which I am now using to pinpoint their immediate needs and appropriately allocate the funds we are raising. At the moment, these needs revolve around getting drinking water, food, first aid supplies and other basic needs to the people of the island. As we communicate further with the local government and other needs are raised we will update donors as to where resources are being allocated. Please help us stand behind our St Martin brothers and sisters in this time of need. We appreciate any funds or supplies you can offer.” – SXM Festival Founder, Julian Prince

Donate to SXM Festival x #SXMStrong’s Rescue and Rebuild Fund at .

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