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Pioneer has announced the addition of two models to the XPRS Series of compact active speakers: the XPRS10 two-way full range speaker, and the XPRS115S single 15-inch subwoofer.

The compact, portable wooden-enclosure XPRS Series offers a plug-and-play system that fills the room with a natural sound. The versatile speakers are ideal for live sound, mobile DJs, places of worship, rental and fixed installations.

Key Features of the XPRS10:

1. High-performance drivers deliver a powerful, full range sound
The XPRS10 uses a high-grade ferrite 10-inch LF driver and a 1.75-inch titanium diaphragm compression driver to reproduce a clean, full range sound with low distortion even at high outputs. The newly designed compact horn sounds bright and clear.

2. Four EQ modes for a variety of musical genres and environments
A rotary selector switch on the back of the XPRS10 give instant access to four EQ modes which enable the speaker’s performance to be tweaked for different applications:
• Flat: neutral production of the source audio
• Bass +: amplifies the bass for dance music events
• Speech: produces clear vocal sounds for seminars and speeches
• Wedge: reduces the low frequencies to give a more balanced sound when the speaker is used as a floor monitor

3. Wedge shape and pole mount socket with tilt for a choice of three positions
The XPRS10 speakers are wedge shaped, making them ideal floor monitors. The pole mount socket can be set to straight or tilted to 7 degrees to direct the sound exactly where it’s needed.

4. Multiple inputs and outputs for flexible, easy set-up
The speakers have two balanced XLR/TRS combo sockets and an unbalanced RCA connection, so a MIC and other external devices can be connected at the same time – including using an AUX cable to connect and play directly from portable audio players, line-level mixers and tablets/smartphones. Each input can be controlled individually or using the master controls for lines one and two. Plus, two balanced XLR through output terminals enable easy connection to other speakers and subs.

Key Features of the XPRS115S:

1. 15-inch LF driver produces quick response and rich low end
The durable, high-quality 15-inch LF driver and slanted baffle deliver tight, rich, and powerful low frequencies similar to those produced by the XPRS215S dual 15-inch subwoofer.

2. Crossover and Phase switches deliver instant control of DSP settings
The Crossover switch allows for quick and easy adjustment of the cut-off frequency of the low pass filter, with a choice between 80Hz, 100Hz, 120Hz and 150Hz. The phase switch gives a choice of positive or negative polarity and prevents multiple subwoofers cancelling each other out.

3. Multiple inputs and outputs for flexible, easy set-up
The XPRS115S has two balanced XLR/TRS combo sockets for connecting two devices at the same time. Dual balanced XLR through output terminals enable easy connection to other speakers and subs.

4. Removable castors
Castors on the back of the cabinet take the hard work out of transit and set-up.

The new XPRS speakers will be available mid-October. For more information, watch our Pioneer’s introductory video below.

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