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The word is out, Roland DJ and BPM Supreme are touring the United States this fall!

Starting this weekend, Roland DJ and BPM Supreme are aiming to connect and inspire DJs across the country with Roland’s newly released DJ-505 and DJ-202 controllers with each event featuring performances artists like Miles Medina and DJ Brace.

In addition to these performances, there will be presentations from BPM Supreme, and locally-sourced conversations about music, gear, and culture in an intimate room setting.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to win prizes courtesy of Roland, BPM Supreme, and Serato.

Check out the complete list of dates below. For more details on the tour and Roland’s new DJ controllers, please visit

10/26 – Marley Waters @ Astro Audio Video Lighting 7-11p (Glendale, CA)
10/29 – DJ Ease @ Blend DJ Institute Las Vegas 2-6p (Las Vegas, NV)
11/1 – Miles Medina @ Pitbull Audio 5-7p (San Diego, CA)
11/9 – Fast Eddie @ 123DJ 7-9p (Chicago, IL)
11/11 – DJ Jaycee @ Blend DJ Institute Aurora, CO 1-3p (Aurora, CO)
11/14 – DJ Tone Arm and DJ D-ILL @ Scratch DJ Academy 5-7p (Philadelphia, PA)
11/16 – Mell Starr @ Scratch DJ Academy 7-9p (New York, NY)
11/21 – DJ Brace @ D.A.S. Audio 7-9p (Miami, FL)


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