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With 2018 serving as the United Kingdom’s storied dance label Positiva Records 25th anniversary, Bristolian producer Eats Everything has been called upon to crack open their lengthy catalog putting his own spin on his personal favorite, Scot Project’s “U (I Got A Feeling).”

“The 25th anniversary has given us the opportunity to delve into the catalogue and celebrate some of the bigger successes, but also revisit some of the more underground club anthems of the time,” says Jason Ellis, current A&R director of Positiva / Virgin EMI.

“When Dan chose to remix Scot Project, I was a little surprised – but his amazing remix is the perfect way to launch the campaign. With thanks to Perfecto / Armada and Frank Zenker / Scot Project himself for making this happen.”

“If you were into house music into the 90’s in the UK, you invariably owned a track on Positiva either on vinyl, cd or cassette – some of the seminal anthems that shaped my mid to late teens. Too many tracks to mention, so much so, that when I sat down to decide on which track I would be honoured to remix I was absolutely blown away by the never ending list of absolute anthems to choose from,” Eats Everything explains.

“I chose Scot Project – U, for several reasons. One, because a lot of the tracks on the list had been either remixed a few times or re-released etc. – and two, because it is one of my favourite records of all time. It’s always been a bit too hard to play in modern times but having the ability to strip it back a bit & (hopefully) give this generations’ ravers a chance to experience what I experienced in 1996 when I first heard this record was an opportunity not to be missed. I hope I’ve done it & the label justice. Long live Positiva!”

Stream Eats Everything’s electrifying remix of this timeless classic below.

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