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First, it was cassettes; then it was CDs which was followed by the AUX cord before Bluetooth reigned supreme when it came to the creating the perfect soundtrack to your drive but with Serato officially joining forces with Tesla Motors, the game has changed forever.

“Driving a car no longer means having two eyes on the road and two hands on the wheel at all times. It means relaxing, it means catching up on emails, it means DJing for your friends,” said Tesla co-founder and CEO, Elon Musk.

Serato’s game-changing integration will deliver the worlds first “DJ-Drive” system, enabling Tesla drivers to DJ from behind the wheel using their in-car touchscreen.

Serato’s Chief Marketing Officer, Scotty Hoogerbrug, says combining Serato’s technology with Tesla’s is a “dream come true” and just the beginning. “It’s a unique new direction for us, and a powerful new application for our software.”

“In addition to integrating a fully-featured Serato DJ Pro, we’ve also developed exclusive features for the DJ-driver,” Hoogerbrug says. “In particular, drivers can attach the coveted Novation Dicers to their steering wheel to trigger cues, flips and loops without looking at their screen. And switch between autonomous, hands-free mode, or Scratch Live mode to try DJ and drive at the same time.”

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